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The "HOWTO: Open Source Your Office" web site is devoted to helping business professionals and entrepreneurs leverage the power and stability of open source software in a way which dramatically improves their efficiency while creating cost savings for the company.  As this site develops, you will be able to read down-to-earth articles by leading professionals who implement open source software every day.  You may be looking at this site because:

  • You see open source software as a powerful force for giving you what you really want.
  • You want to save money by not having to pay software licensing fees any more.
  • You are tired of being stuck with off-the-shelf solutions and want something better.

No matter your reason, we're glad you're here!  Would you like to contribute an article or HOWTO guide?  Please use our contact form and do so!

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Our Favorite Packages

Here are a few of our favorite open source software packages that we can wholeheartedly recommend:

  • Zimbra Collaborative Server, Open Source Edition
  • Funambol
  • Joomla CMS
  • vTiger CRM
  • Phreebooks Accounting
  • opentaps erp+crm
  • RT - Request Tracker
  • Hylafax + Avantfax + iaxModem
  • Elastix IP-PBX
  • Asterisk
Why Open Source?
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